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Garage Sale - GM Stock Clutch Hydraulic Throwout Bearing
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Stock clutch hydraulic throwout bearing for stock-style 3 and 4-speed Chevy clutches only. Install simply by replacing one bolt from the front of the transmission with one of the provided studs, then shim to fit. Use 3/4" bore master cylinder.

This bearing is made much smaller than the racing version so that it will fit behind the "thicker" stock style clutches. This redesigned new housing is much cleaner as it has no boss on the body. Plus, this design also has a retainer on it to prevent over extension and seal damage.

Instructions (PDF)


This Bearing is Garage Sale priced because it leaks and needs to be rebuilt. We recommend 91025611




Bearing typically used with: 
  • All OEM and OEM replacement clutches
  • Jerico 2-speeds 
  • Saginaw 3-speeds
  • Muncie 4-speeds
  • Saginaw 4-speeds
  • Borg-Warner 4-speeds
  • Jerico 4-speeds

WILL NOT work with:

  • B-W T-5 transmission without alteration of the bearing retainer (nose cone). (See GM T-5 bearing kit) Will not work with the Ford type T-5.
  • Ram Coupler 
  • May not work with racing style clutches because of limited extension on our hydraulic throw out bearings. The travel on our 910-25610 is .789" inches.
  1. The fittings are AN 4 male for the "feed" and the "bleed" lines. Both fittings are tapped internally to accept the bleeder.
  2. To build your own external bleeder for this bearing, purchase (1) each of the following parts:
  •  835-2200063 (1/8"BLEEDER)
  • 617-4025 (AN4 to 1/8"female)
  • 91031842-4 (12" AN 4 line)
  • Collapsed distance from bearing face to back is 1.688"
  • Full distance from front to back is 2.375"
  • Available stroke is 0.688"
  • Bearing now includes a retainer ring to prevent over-extension
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    It is known to fit many T-5 transmissions, but does not fit Ford versions. Use 3/4" bore clutch master cylinder.

    Note: T/O bearing includes a 3/8" and 5/16" threaded retainer stud. If your T-5 makes use of a metric threaded front retainer bolt, to install this unit will require an installer to source a metric threaded stud or modified bolt as metric threaded hardware is not included.

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    • (2) 1/8"NPT to AN3 adaptors
    • (1) AN3 to 1/8" female adaptor
    • (2) Anti-rotation studs
    • (1) 19" AN3 line
    • Shims


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